John's (former) 1969 Opel GT

(Update: This will come as a shock to all of John's friends, but he has sold his GT.
He purchased the car on January 13, 1971 and sold it on July 27, 2002.
He owned it a total of 11,518 days or 31.5 years.

The color photos below are what the Opel GT looked like when he sold it.
(The black and white photos further down were taken
the day he bought it. It was originally silver.)

His "daily driver" is an Acura TL.

Click HERE to see the "ChuckleMobile." John sold it after owning it for about a year.
No one could quite figure out why he bought it as it wasn't him at all.
He claimed he bought it because it made him laugh.

Click HERE to see John's current fun car, a Honda S2000. This car doesn't make him laugh,
but it does make him grin really big. It's silver with a red interior just like the GT was when he bought it.

January 13, 1971