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This debut album from Rick Thompson will also be part of his legacy.
Tragically, RT has passed away. The fate of this album is uncertain at the moment.

This debut album from RT Thompson features a great mix of high-energy rock, blues and ambient pieces woven with traditional Native American themes. This all-original collection features RT's unique, expressive guitar style with thought provoking lyrics. Coupled with outstanding performances from an international cast of musicians, this album is certain to win wide acclaim.

1) The Hon'zho Song
 2) Gutshot and Snakebit
 3) Mary Swansong
 4) Sweet Corn
 5) Cloudladder
 6) Dust (RT's version)
 7) Thief in the Night
 8) Winter Harvest
 9) Breathfeathers
10) Klatso' (Yellow Dust)
11) Coyote's Revenge
12) Suitcase for the Blues
13) Medicine Hat
14) Sage Nine
15) If Only

16) Dust (Andrea's vesion)

(Songs that are underlined are linked to 128kbit MP3 audio files. If you have a broadband connection (DSL or Cable) you can left-click on the title and listen to the song, otherwise, right-click on the title and select "Save Target As" to download and save the song to your computer.)

All Music Composed, arranged, engineered and performed
by Rick "RT" Thompson
 (except for DUST, lyrics by Andrea Romero de Arias)

Additional engineering on tracks 1, 9, 12, 13 15 & 16 by John Cline,
6 & 13 by Bruce Mandel

All music performed by RT Thompson except:
Lead vocal on IF ONLY and DUST by Andrea Romero de Arias
Background vocals on RT's version of DUST by Bruce Mandel
Background vocals on MEDICINE HAT by
Andrea Romero de Arias
Navajo vocables by Lee Begay
Dennis "The Dill" Dillon
Digereedoo on CLOUDLADDER by Gem Friar
Native Flute on SWEET CORN & WINTER HARVEST by Whitewind
Drums and Percussion by DC Duncan

Digital Audio Editing and Mastering by John Cline
"Ancestor Eagle" Cover Art by Dan Lomahaftewa

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